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40 V'zuelans found hiding hours before registration

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40 V'zuelans found hiding hours before registration

EIGHTEEN children were among 40 Venezuelan nationals found hiding in the bushes in a makeshift camp in Erin yesterday. Among the children were also infants in their mother’s arms.

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Police said the youngest was 18 months old.

According to police reports, it is believed several boats arrived in the country on Wednesday night and yesterday morning transporting the foreign nationals.

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Earlier this month, 101 Venezuelans were also found at a makeshift camp at Beach Road in Santa Flora including ten children.

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Police said they were in a crouched position, while others were found inside the camp in the forested area. Some of the children had bite marks from bugs on their hands and feet.

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Previously, the Ministry of National Security, in a statement, said border-security exercises had been ongoing

Today the registration process begins for Venezuelans.

The registration is open to any Venezuelan who is in TT legally (as a visitor) or illegally. Those who have permanent residency, citizenship or a work permit do not need to register.

The process will afford those who have registered the right to remain here “undisturbed and unperturbed” for up to a year with the right to work, protected by local laws against abuses by employers, especially regarding minimum wage, according to the National Security Ministry

During the registration process, the information provided to immigration officers will be cross-referenced with data from Venezuelan authorities